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Qawwali World Arts are the leading curators in the sacred art form of Qawwali. As one of the UK's most influential arts organisations in South Asian sufiana kalaam, we focus on driving the rich essence and reverberations of the Qawwali masters to global audiences. 


Qawwali World Arts aims to champion the message of Qawwali - peace and positivity - through the medium of mehfil and the art of storytelling. 

Qawwali artists use a call-and-response format and a fluid style of alternating solo and group passages characterized by melodic improvisation, upbeat repetition and raag control that create the encapturing nature of sufi ecstasy to manifest unity within. 

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At Qawwali World Arts, we strive to invest and celebrate South Asian culture through musical expression, artistic creativity and community cohesion. We provide safe and inclusive spaces to grow audiences' love and responses to authentic and grandeur Qawwali mehfils, and explore the true essence of the unparalleled emotional vocabulary brought on this journey. 

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